lunes, 16 de mayo de 2016

Cruel Mistress looking for masochists / ATM slaves - femdom/ findom for REAL TIME in London

Hello my dear submissive,

Even if I do not know you, I can say that I will despise you, take care of everything as you are so useless, and use you as I want. You will follow my will no matter what and make me happy. You will pamper me with servitude, massages, your pain and suffering, presents, drinks, going out with friends... you will serve Me and only Me, no matter what the circumstances.

I will never satisfy that animal desires that your mind and body cage, I will only make them visible, so easily, that you will know you are so helpless in my hands.

I want to rule, to control. Just let me know about your existence, I will declare if it is useful or not.

Just serve Me, forget the rest.

Misstress Vermilion

#london #findom #femdom #submissive #Domme #Dominatrix #ATM #London #UK

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