lunes, 16 de mayo de 2016

Cruel Mistress looking for masochists / ATM slaves - femdom/ findom for REAL TIME in London

Hello my dear submissive,

Even if I do not know you, I can say that I will despise you, take care of everything as you are so useless, and use you as I want. You will follow my will no matter what and make me happy. You will pamper me with servitude, massages, your pain and suffering, presents, drinks, going out with friends... you will serve Me and only Me, no matter what the circumstances.

I will never satisfy that animal desires that your mind and body cage, I will only make them visible, so easily, that you will know you are so helpless in my hands.

I want to rule, to control. Just let me know about your existence, I will declare if it is useful or not.

Just serve Me, forget the rest.

Misstress Vermilion

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jueves, 5 de mayo de 2016

Sweet sexy young Mistress in London ready to enslave you.

I'm a sweet, cruel, professional Mistress from Europe,

I live BDSM and my sadistic feelings 24/7, and of course I enjoy the best things in life like:

Foot worship
Body worship (non sexual)
Sado -pain, marks, soft or hardcore... )
Sissy play
Forced feminization
Toilet slaves (non scat)

There are too many things to enjoy, just ask me, I will be delighted to hear about and enjoy all the kinks I can. I just cannot live without it, kink is my way of life, and it brings me so much excitement and joy... I will never leave it.

I strongly believe in female supremacy, meaning justice must be established in a world where women are considered less or weaker, where we have to fight as men while treated in a different manner. Where we have to struggle and still be more and be perfect and still not appreciated correctly. I fight for justice, and I enjoy it as much as I can enjoy abusing you in a just way, or only if you deserve it, too much.

I don't like to lose my time so you already know what to do.

Contact me to arrange a private session in a dungeon around central London, write me INCLUDING ALL YOUR RELEVANT DETAILS, like a description of yourself (I'm so not interested in your body pictures unless they're from parts I can abuse, they will be pitied anyway...), your experience and availability for the session, and let's do it and I will enjoy it.

Mistress Vermilion