jueves, 3 de septiembre de 2015

So what happens when you are becoming more and more fit and just wanting to...

Ruin your slave's face, and to tease him and punch him and slap him and pull his shirts neck until he is on his knees , and then put your leg on his shoulder and tease him more, and slap him, and tease him and spit at him, and turn to his back and push him making him fall to the floor.
And what happens when you sit down on him and reach some cuffs you've been hiding all this time, and take his hands and immobilize him, and turn him around while handcuffed and start teasing him and almost sitting on his face but... removing his pants... partly...slowly...  and then inflicting some more funny pain to him... and playing, and using him...

So, I need a plan for next week, and my dreams of crops and leather and PVC and red lipstick while I smile when I see your red bottom that I just met and treated so badly, while I see the excitement on your face, while I see your eyes shining from desire and I slap you and spit you and use you in the way I want...

So these are my plans. And I miss my strap on. Awwww, sigh.

You know you want to be a part of my fantasy. To take me shopping furry clothes and high heeled boots and to submit to me. To serve me and to adore me, to become my slave for now and forever in your mind and where I decide to use you... submit truly, stay serving me...

What I am not going to allow is you letting go of that feeling, of that moment. Man is so ungrateful by nature, such a mistake. Don't let your nature ruin you. I can do that instead ;-)

Just write me and let's make an appointment to make me smile. Give up now and surrender. Make this woman happy.


I am based in London and won't mind travelling for a good cause.

Only serious messages will have a response. Only professional sessions available.
Don't let this moment go. Just write me and make it now. You will enjoy it (or suffer it), but surely you will remember it... for a looooong time ;-)  maybe no more than me though.

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